About us


ICDLAB is a media and communication agency founded by Gloria Milan. She has been working for many years with both national and international companies, scientific institutions and research institutes, gaining a sound experience in the field of strategic communication.

We focus on innovation, sustainability and scientific research, developing projects intended to generate value and sustain business growth. By combining expertise and effective communication, we strengthen the ability to communicate and to disseminate scientific culture, research and the social dimension of communication.

We also apply our expertise to training, engaging in successful collaboration with universities and other institutions: ICDLAB designs and develops training projects dedicated to communication, fundraising and the promotion of scientific research.

We work jointly with a strategic network of professionals with specific and diversified competencies, granting a functional and coherent approach to the objectives of our projects.

Following a thorough scenario analysis, we plan and implement the most appropriate communication strategies, realise adequate instruments, contribute to the organisation of events in the territory, coordinate and manage media strategies and planning